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Camping Lesson Number One: Preparation is Key

(ARA) - Camping is your chance to get away from your daily duties and spend a little time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. For most, it takes a little preparation to get there, but the rewards outweigh the work. The following tips from camping experts Kampgrounds of America will ensure that you'll be spending more time unwinding than hunting down forgotten items.

Can We Trust?

On Sunday, I sent out an email to all the people on my lists. The email contained a very simple message, "Peace be upon you." I wasn't prepared for the reaction. I got an avalanche of replies. Most of them were from people who are in a stressful situation and genuinely needed such a message, and were understandably grateful. However there were also those who wanted to know what the "catch" was. In other words, what was I trying to sell?

People today find it hard to believe that someone, they barely know would care enough about them, to send them a message, which is not a sales pitch.

Thank You

Do you want to know the magical words which can change your life? No kidding, you already know, the words are "thank you".

The magical and powerful words "thank you" open the hearts and minds of other people for us and thus pave the way for our prosperity and popularity. Don't say thank you in a dull and lifeless manner. Say thank you wholeheartedly, humbly and with a sense of gratefulness. Give life to the words and let the magic take its own course in your favor.

Tips for Better Grade in Math

Pass these on to your high school math student:

1. Take notes from lectures, writing them neatly. When you study them, check points you need to review. As you read your textbook, make check marks beside those points you don't know and then review those points.

2. For math classes, it is important to read over the material in your text book. Don't just focus on your homework problems.

3. If you don't understand something, ask your teacher as soon as you can.

4. When doing your math homework, be neat. It does make a difference.


Discussion of the Human Body Defense System

Discussion of the Human Body Defense System nd M. Moritz The human body is constantly challenged by bacteria, viruses, parasites, solar radiation, and pollution. Stress from emotional or physiological occurrences is other challenges to maintain a healthy body. Normally we are protected by the body defense system, the immune system, primarily the macrophage, and sufficiently comprehensive nutritional requirements to maintain health. An excess of negative challenges, however, can depress the body defense system, the immune system, and result in various illnesses from moderate to fatal.

Stay Healthy and Young

Yes, it is possible for the people of all ages to keep themselves healthy, physically fit and young looking throughout their whole lives. Just take the following three steps and enjoy a healthy, happy and a long life.

1. Eat Balanced Food

It's OK to eat for taste or for fun and eat whatever you like most but only occasionally. Remember, if you develop bad eating habits then you would have to pay its price in the shape of bad health and illness. Hope you are wise enough not to play with your health.

Overcome Your Doubts With Action

Experiencing doubts about yourself, be it your ability or credibility, fuels your fears of not being good enough. Fear is the number one enemy that stops most people in their tracks. Having doubts about yourself is a normal part of being human, but it's what you do about these doubts that really counts. Most people doubt themselves sometimes. Some people have a lot of doubt and others only experience it occasionally. Most people who meet me say they would be surprised if I ever doubted myself, yet I know there are times when I do just that.

Can You Love Yourself?

Can you love yourself? At first thought, this question almost seems ridiculous. I want to explore this question in a context that most people probably have not thought of before. Look at it from the eyes of an overweight individual.

When you wake up in the morning, do you thank God that you are alive, jump out of bed ready to challenge your body and improve it by doing some morning aerobics? Or do you drag yourself out of bed cursing the fact that everything aches, wishing you could stay in bed all day?

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life


If we are the products of our attitudes then it is important for us to examine our attitudes, both positive and negative, to discover the impact they are having on our lives. This is even more important if we are determined to maximize the potential that is ours, a potential which, in the vast majority of us, remains grossly underdeveloped.

Resolve to Improve Your Finances in 2004

Kick off 2004 with these 7 money resolutions and get a fresh financial start to the new year. At year's end, you'll be surprised at how much you've reduced your debt load and the money you've saved!

1) I will create and use a budget.

A budget helps you see exactly where your money is going from week to week and month to month. Creating and using a budget, no matter what your income level, will help you reach your financial goals more easily than without one.

2) I will use my budget to help reduce my credit card debts.


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