Edward W. Smith

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Test Your Attitude Toward Success

The amount of success you have in life is strongly related to the attitude you have towards success. So what is your attitude towards success? What does that mean for you? Take the 5-minute test below; you may be surprised at the results you get.

Select one of the three answers to the questions below, and then compute your score based on the instructions at the end of the test

(A) I have a clear idea of what success means to me.
(B) I have no idea what success means to me.
(C) I have somewhat of an idea what success means to me.

(A) I always seek advice and feedback.

Be More Productive Now

Would you like to start being more productive right now? Want to stop wasting precious time and move your projects to completion? This article will focus on how to be more productive from this point forward.

The key to becoming more productive with your time is to concentrate your efforts on the task at hand. So how do you begin to concentrate your efforts? The key is to eliminate distractions.

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