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No One To Phone

One afternoon after the death of her grandfather, Carol lay huddled on her bed, sobbing forlornly. Her mother sat beside her and asked,
"What's the matter, honey?"

"I miss my grandpa, and I miss talking to him about my problems," the girl said.

"I know, dear," sympathized her mother. "I miss him too. But can't you talk to me?" Carol shook her head vehemently.

"Why not?" her mother persisted.

"Because you're what we talked about," sobbed Carol.

Children may not always confide in their parents. And adults may choose not to confide in many of their friends and family. But it is

Keeping your Friends

Ever encountered the phrase "friendship overload?" Some people may have this overload and we sometimes call them lucky for having many friends. But sometimes those friends only remain in the phonebook, memories, or photos. People who have "friendship overload" find it hard to keep those friends even if they want to. There are ways to keep the friendships alive, whether they are near or faraway.

How to Win Friends by Knowing What People Are Really Interested In

A lot of your people problems and concerns about what other people think will fade into the background when you understand one crucial reality.

Most people are interested in you only to the extent they can get something from you.

I know this sounds harsh. Bear with me a moment while I explain.

Apart from your family and closest friends most other people see you as either a hindrance or as a means to getting what they want.

If you can help them get what they want they will smile at you, say you are wonderful and do whatever they can to keep you happy and available in the future.

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