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Taking Care of Yourself

The essence of self-care, is to take daily care of yourself in a regular and consistent manner. It's about doing the stuff that our parents or guardians did their best to teach us when we were much younger. Good self-care allows you to put yourself at the top of your day, makes your more ready to face your day, your plans and life's unexpected moments.


Have you ever noticed that sometimes we can just be walking along life’s path, just doing our own thing, when loss suddenly hits? It may hit hard enough to stun us, disorienting us and pushing us off our present path. Confusion and pain accompany such a blow, and our old ways of coping may no longer work. What now?

First of all, cry and rage if you need to. It does no good to hold in those feelings, nor can they be transformed into peace and acceptance overnight. So allow yourself to be with the pain and anger. Express them through writing, drawing, or talking with people you trust.

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