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Top 5 Ways To Help Control Your Anger

You've heard about anger management but is it really possible to control your anger?

By putting these easy to follow tips into practice, you should be able to gradually reduce your bouts of anger and become a person who people want to associate with again, rather than someone who blows their top at the slightest provocation and everyone avoids as much as possible.

1. Talk to someone


Personal Stress Management: Tips To Manage Your Stress

Stress is viewed as almost natural in our busy modern day lives but there are a number of things you can do to positively affect your personal stress management. Here are some tips to help you to reduce the stress in your everyday life.

1. Get more exercise

When you exercise your body releases "happy" chemicals called endorphins. These help you to feel better and are a much better

Are Anger Management Exercises Any Use To You?

Each of us has lost our temper at some time or the other, andnone of us fail to regret that anger, which seems uncontrollable at the time. Whether it's a momentary loss of control or a intense, long-lasting surge of emotion, anger can be very damaging – to relationships, at work and to yourself. It may not be healthy to suppress it, but we can't let it loose indiscriminately, either.

10 Easy Ways To Become More Confident

What is confidence, if not the difference between feeling like the sky's the limit and the world is out to get you? Having enough self-confidence can often be the "make or break" deal when it comes to securing a job, striking a business deal or even a matter as simple as asking someone out on a date. The key to successfully becoming more confident about yourself is how others perceive you through your own self-perception. Yes, this means, if you see yourself as an attractive, capable and energetic person, the others will see you the same way too.

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