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Importance of Proper and Sufficient Sleep

Proper and sufficient sleep in just as important as exercise and good nutrition for health. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is very common in developed countries. According to a 2003 National Survey of Children’s Health, 15 million children and teen in USA get inadequate sleep. Sleeping disorders are also quite common among adults.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Healthy People

There are many conflicting theories as to what the experts consider to be healthy. There are multiple different approaches to living a healthy lifestyle. However, all healthy people do have one thing in common. They have formed positive habits that result in their optimum health level. Let's look at some of these habits a little closer.

Herbal Nutrition Supplement Anti-Aging Benefits

Herbal nutrition supplement anti-aging health benefits - is it possible that an anti-aging herbal nutrition supplement can slow the aging process? Absolutely! Numerous clinical studies have shown and are still discovering the wide-ranging health benefits of many herbs and nutrients.

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