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Getting Started With A Walking Routine

You have finally decided to get fit, to feel better and have more energy to do all things you want to do. Don't jump in too quick! You need to help your body adapt to the demands of repetitive movement. Take time to warm up and stretch before you exercise. Don't forget to cool down afterward.

A warm-up activity that uses the same muscles you will use during your workout is the best choice. If you are going to take a brisk 30-minute walk, walk slowly for five to 10 minutes to warm up.


Chocolate And Walnuts: Good For The Health

Chocolate has antioxidant-rich phytochemicals called flavanols. Although chocolate have some healthful antioxidants it is still considered a "treat" food by professional dietitians. It is not a health food. Walnuts on the other hand are loaded with nutritional benefits.


Regular Activity Is Important In Controlling High Blood Pressure

Regular exercise can help prevent high blood pressure, and if your blood pressure is already high, exercise can help you control it.

You can strengthen your heart with regular physical activity. The less your heart needs to work, the less force or pressure is exerted on your arteries. For some people exercise alone can reduce the need for blood pressure medication.


Coping With Fatigue

Are you feeling tired a lot for no apparent cause or at least that you can think of? Ever wonder what is making you feel so tired all the time? Fatigue can have many different causes that may include:

• Lack of sleep: You might be surprised to know that getting even an hour less than you normally get can leave you drowsy the next day. Is it because you did not go to bed early enough or you went to bed, but could not go to sleep. As a person gets older, it becomes more difficult to get uninterrupted sleep and you may sleep less soundly and/or awaken earlier.

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