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Highlights of Amsterdam

Having been a Schiphol airport transfer driver for many years, I know my way around Amsterdam. I've driven through all parts of it and spent lots of time there, and of course, I've spoken to plenty of holiday goers at the start and end of their trips, on the way to the hotels and on their transfer back to Schiphol airport. So I know a thing or two about the best parts of the city – the hidden gems, the overrated attractions, and the big sights that are truly worth seeing.

When to Go


Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy


So you have made it through your bankruptcy and now you face life after bankruptcy. This can seem as daunting as the bankruptcy itself to begin with.

There are things you can do to help rebuild your life again. You can still borrow money after bankruptcy although you may discover that it is more difficult as an ex-bankrupt is viewed as a much higher risk. For many people that find themselves in the position of having to file for bankruptcy the whole situation can have a life changing affect on them.

Tips in Planning a Beach Wedding in Canada

Canada is blessed with its natural beauty that makes it a popular destination for couples looking for a place to have a wedding filled with the aura of romance. Canada with its rocky banks, snow-covered mountains and lush green mounts is almost a dream setting for a romantic wedding.

Canada too has some of the most beautiful beaches. Arbutus Cove, Hanlan's Point Beach, Long Point, Wasaga Beach, Jericho Beach and Sunset Beach are just some of the spectacular beaches in Canada. With these beautiful beaches, beach-themed weddings are certainly something to seriously consider.

Making Money While In School

Being a student is not a hindrance to make money. We have heard of so many stories about working students who ended up more successful than full time students. These part time students practiced good management and were able to work their way through college or were able to support family while still in school. Making money while in school is not just an option for the poor.

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