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Self-Confidence: 4 Thinking Patterns On How To Communicate With Self Confidence

One thing common to all great communicators is that when they speak, everybody listens. However, communicating to people is one of the greatest fears for most of the human beings, and especially when it comes to public speaking.

Confident communication however, is more than what you speak. It takes into account your body language as well.

Here are 4 thinking patterns that's inside the mind of a successful communicator.

Speak With Confidence - How To Make Your Voice Sound More Confident

An expressive and confident sounding voice makes it easier to win over your listeners. When your speak with confidence your voice is strong and positive. You are a more effective speaker.

Studies on effective communication show that how you use your voice can account for up to 38% of the message you are conveying depending on the circumstances. Although, it is not always that high, it will convey a message about you and your speech over and above the words that you speak e.g.

The Value Of Good Conversation

One of the biggest privileges we have as humans is the ability to communicate with one another in deep and meaningful ways. No other living creatures have the ability to relate with one another on the level that humans do. While there are many ways that we experience depth in relationship, few things are as significant and powerful in our search for connection as good conversation.

Public Speaking: The First 3 Minutes

This is it! You've landed your first Public Speaking engagement. You've have prepared and rehearsed. You are all ready to give your best presentation ever.

As you begin you have exactly 3 minutes of your presentation to grab the audience attention and build rapport to ensure they buy in to what you have to say.

In the first 3 minutes of your presentations, your audience is sizing you up. They are deciding whether they like you and whether are you worth listening to. If you lose your audience in the first 3 minutes you will be playing catch up for the rest of the presentation.

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