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How To Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Get Older

Being active is healthy as far as the brain is concerned so as you grow older keeping your brain sharp is all a part of living a better life and aging well. Continued learning and healthy eating are activities which challenge your brain and help you to stay at your peak. Managing to finish (or in some cases even attempting to start) a daily crossword puzzle along with learning a hobby or studying a new language provides the form of a continued workout for the brain.

How Healthy Is Your Brain?

Your brain health may depend on what your doctor has prescribed!

Today thousands upon thousands are being prescribed unnecessary medication that could mean the end of their brain health!

Billions of dollars is put into the pocket of drug companies while those taking the drugs recommended run the risk of brain illness and/or disease!

Has your doctor told you that you needed to lower your Cholesterol and tells you it is to prevent heart disease or strokes?

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