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What Your Body Language Says in Your Interviews

Did you know that the way you sit, smile and shake hands can speak volumes during a job interview? It’s true. There is no manual to read to determine how you should manage your body language; however, if you make certain gestures, you’re definitely sending a certain message.

So how can you know what message you’re sending with the body language you’re using? Here is a quick guide to give you some ideas of what you’re saying with your gestures.

Crossing Your Legs

Keep Your Personal Strength and Power Alive

Initially after a health crisis hits, after the shock of the diagnosis and the meetings with your doctors, hope and desire to overcome the illness is strong. Your loved ones and friends are supportive and positive. Hope is a powerful thing and is necessary in managing to maintain a positive outlook.

Common Self Tanning Mistakes

Self tanning is an alternative method to get that sun-kissed complexion without risking one’s health from the damaging radiation of the sun. However, even if you have the best sunless tanning products, you need to do it the right way if you want to achieve its maximum and desirable results. Problems which involve uneven color of the skin or staining garments can all be prevented if you use the product correctly. Below are some of the most mistakes that people commit when self tanning:


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