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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Rio De Janiero is the second biggest city of Brazil and also is the capital city of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The city is sometimes referred to “The Marvelous City”, due to its history, culture and beautiful natural beauty scenes. The city has also served as the capital of the country for many years. From 1808 to 1821 Rio de Janeiro was also the capital of the great Portuguese Empire. Inside Brazil Rio de Janeiro is commonly called as just Rio. The city is mostly famous for its natural heritage and beaches.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a sprawling metropolis that is both the capital and the largest city in Denmark with nearly two million people calling it home. This bustling burg wasn’t always a world-famous cultural epicenter, though. This futuristic and advanced super-city was once a quaint, quiet fishing village that struggled from time to time with Viking invaders. Copenhagen outlasted the Viking onslaught, though, and through the ages it withstood attacks from the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and many more countries.


Salzburg, Austria

In all of Austria few cities compare to Salzburg when it comes to beauty, history, and grandeur. The gorgeous landscape overlooking the Alps has made an impression on countless people and the incredible baroque era architecture makes Salzburg both pristine and fascinating to look at. The famed musical “The Sound of Music” was set in Salzburg and anybody who has seen Julie Andrews running in front of those glorious mountains already knows just how incredible the natural beauty of Salzburg’s area is.


Seville, Spain

Seville has been a bustling burg for over two thousand years, making it one of the few cities from before Christ that still maintains an important presence in the modern world. Though its history is remarkable and fascinating, modern day Seville is indispensable as Southern Spain’s most important city in terms of culture, art, and finance.


Visiting Singapore

Singapore is remarkable in that it is one of the few “city-states” left in the world. This is an indication of how old Singapore is, since most city-states, like Athens, date back to thousands of years before Christ. There are only two existing city-states in the world other than Singapore: Monaco and Vatican City. Singapore is also widely known as a “microstate”, which is the perfect description for the city considering how small its dominion is. Though bigger than its other two city-state brethren, Singapore is easily the smallest nation in Southeastern Asia.


Shanghai, China

As the most populated city in the most populated country in the world, Shanghai is well-known for dubious reasons. Bursting at the seams with a population of over twenty million people, this city is easily among the largest on the face of the planet. Like many port cities, the sheer enormity of Shanghai is only a recent development as, prior to the twentieth century, this hulking behemoth of a metropolis was simply a quaint fishing town at the mouth of the famed Yangtze River.


Stockholm, Sweden

No other city in Sweden comes close to Stockholm in terms of importance and grandeur, and it isn’t just because a syndrome is named after the city having to do with hot nurses. Stockholm is both the capital and the most populous city in Sweden. In addition, Stockholm is considered the cultural, economic, and political center of the country and the two million-plus people living within Stockholm’s reach are all to happy to be a part of one of the most industrious and cleanest cities on the face of the Earth.


Melbourne, Australia

Though Sydney gets much credit for being the most lucrative and financially important city in Australia, Melbourne is a metropolitan masterpiece all its own. As the second most populous city in the mostly barren Australia, Melbourne has always stood in the shadow of Sydney and its immaculate Opera House but this treasure trove in the state of Victoria is far from Sydney on the southern tip of Australia near Tasmania.


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