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Vitamins In Food

These days, being an adult is no longer an excuse not to eat your vegetables. And if you're a pill-popping health buff, you probably know that food is still the best source of vitamins. So which foods should you stock on? Here are the different essential vitamins and the foods that are the best sources for each:

The Antioxidants

Natural Antioxidants - Foods That Everybody Should Eat

We all know that natural are essential for you health. They fight cancer, straighten your system, and have anti-aging properties. But what exactly do you need to eat, to get all antioxidants your body needs?
Common sense tells us that since most antioxidants are well known vitamins, the best source for them is fruits and vegetables. This is true, even though not all veggies are the same in this respect. So if you want to make sure that your antioxidant intake is enough, you should chose vegetables and fruits that are high in antioxidants.

Natural antioxidants best sources

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