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Rio De Janiero is the second biggest city of Brazil and also is the capital city of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The city is sometimes referred to “The Marvelous City”, due to its history, culture and beautiful natural beauty scenes. The city has also served as the capital of the country for many years. From 1808 to 1821 Rio de Janeiro was also the capital of the great Portuguese Empire. Inside Brazil Rio de Janeiro is commonly called as just Rio. The city is mostly famous for its natural heritage and beaches. But provided with these facts Rio is still considered as a very violent city because of some major social issues and problems.

Geographically the exact location of the city is the Brazil’s Atlantic coast. Most of the covered area of the city faces the south. The city is very much abundant in rocks, stones, trees, forests, and natural greenery. Rio totally covers an area of about 456.5 square miles. And the population is believed to be close to 6,136,652.

The climatic conditions are very hot and humid throughout the year in Rio. The temperature mostly stays above 40 degrees. The south side is much cooler side of the city because of the cool breezes coming from the ocean. Basically the south side of the city is mostly visited by tourists because all of the beaches of Rio are located in the south. The city enjoys a long run of rainfall which mostly happens during the months of December to March.

Rio de Janeiro faced a real boost in the economical field when it was the capital city of Brazil. Many international
organizations opened their offices in the city which was a huge jump in the economy. When oil fields were discovered in the city then major oil and gas companies invested heavily in the city. Today Rio de Janeiro produces oil which is used in the whole of Brazil. Telecom sector was also very much attracted by the rapid growth and they started to open their headquarters in Rio. Many multinational companies such as IBM, Coca Cola and many others have offices within the city boundaries.

Rio is considered as the cultural capital of the country. Rio itself is considered as a history book of Brazil. Music is
really an important factor in the culture of Brazil. The traditional song of the city is named as “Cidade Maravilhosa”
which in English means the marvelous city. It is considered as the anthem of Rio de Janeiro.

In the field of sports, the recent event which took place in the city was being chosen as a destination and place for conducting 2016 Summer Olympics. Rio de Janeiro is also scheduled to be a venue for 2014 Football World Cup. The final of the world cup is decided to be played in Maracanã Stadium which is considered one of the biggest stadiums of football in the world. Rio has also held many formula one races. The city successfully hosted some of the major formula 1 championships such as the “The Brazilian Grand Prix”.

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