Ten Sensational Things To Do When You Visit Hungary

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This country is a member of the European Union. Hungary continues to make tourists happy with the experience they had while visiting the place. Here, you will see the low mountains, lakes, rivers, and natural wonders that the place offers.

1.) Castle Hill

On the Castle Hill alone, one will have a whole gamut of sights to enjoy such as the Royal Palace which happens to be the most popular spot in the hill. There's also the National Gallery which offers a great collection of paintings for viewing. And if you care to view the Danube, the Fisherman's Bastion will be the just the right place to be.

2.) Museums at the Hill

If you think your visit to the Castle Hill ends with the Fisherman's Bastion, think again. You will not get enough of the museums that teem in the place. They have the Historical Museum of Budapest, Music Museum, Military Museum, Marzipan Museum, and Pharmacy Museum as well as the Museum of Medieval Judaism.

3.) Caves

Aggtelek is one of the villages located north of Hungary, quite close to the border with Slovakia. What you will find here is a beautiful cave system that is known for its size. In fact, visiting the entire Baradla Cave will take you at least five
hours to complete.

4.) Major Lake

Balaton is recognized as the biggest among the lakes in Central Europe. You can do some hiking in the area or try sailing or swimming in it especially during summer time. You can also add a trip to the wine cellars as a side visit and relax in thermal spas that are available in the place to relax your tired feet.

5.) Gödöllő

This city is located in Pest County where tourists often stop to take a look at the Royal Palace which was home to Emperor Franz Josef and Queen Elizabeth. You should also see its Town Center to visit the Grassalkovich Palace. There's also the town museum which exhibits art noveau from Hungarian artists.

6.) City Parks

While you're at Gödöllő, you may try visiting a few of their parks that surround the palace, and there are three of
them named Alsó, Felső and Erzsébet parks. The first park boasts of the World Tree which is a giant sculpture. In the second, you will get to walk along a path filled with wild chestnut and trees where Queen Sisi would go for her horse
rides. The third park is considered the best of the three.

7.) Tokaj

This small town is known for its white wines, so it easily means visiting wine cellars and taking a sip. In addition, you can also go mountain climbing up the Bald Mountain or go fishing in the river. If you happen to be there during the last week of May, then enjoy their Wine Festival, and if it's the first weekend of October, then you're in for the Harves festival.

8.) Tiszavirágzás

You may chance upon some Tiszas during the middle of June. These mayflies are sometimes mistaken for flowers, and although they were once affected by pollution, their colony is slowly gaining again. They are definitely a sight to watch, and hopefully, you can catch them on your visit.

9.) Eating Hungarian

Hungarians call their cuisine Magyar Konyha where food is generally spicy and tasty. In fact, paprika is a national spice
for them. You could try their native goulash, chicken with paprika sauce, and carp fish soup with what else but paprika,
and goose is also a main good ingredient in Hungarian dishes so expect to see them on the menu.

10.) Drinks

Villány, Badacsony, Szekszárd, Tokaj, and Eger. There's even a story around some of the names of the wines such as the Bull's Blood of Eger. Whatever way you may have it, their wines are something you would want to bring home for remembrance.

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