Vacationing For Health

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You hear people claiming all of the time that they 'need a vacation,' and while they may be saying it in passing, the truth is that we could all use a healthy break away from the mundane, stressed world of work. For some people, a vacation means spending time alone as a couple away from the kids, while for others it means involving the kids. Still, for other people, taking a vacation is an extended family deal while for others it means going off by themselves away from everyone they know so that they can be alone and meditate or whatever the case may be.

Various studies throughout the years have shown that there are benefits to be had from taking a vacation. First of all, you should make sure that the type of vacation you are planning or want is one that you can afford. You may not be able to afford a trip to Tahiti this time of year, but perhaps you can get in your car and take a weekend trip to the coast or to the mountains. It is almost laughable to think that there are some people who spend months planning out a vacation and then when they go on their vacation, they wind up coming back even more stressed out than when they left. Perhaps it's a matter of having to spend more money than they had planned, etc.

When you are planning a vacation, figure out in advance (obviously) how much money it is going to cost you. After you have figured out the gross cost of the trip, mentally tack on extra money to that to allow for diversions such as dinner, museums, shows and other tourist attractions. If you can still comfortably afford it, then go for it. However, if you know that it's going to be a tight pinch, then you're better off planning something a little less expensive and more in your price range. Remember that the key to enjoying a good vacation is planning.

I'll never forget the time when my dad planned this fantastic trip to Disney World. We were so excited to go, and we all wound up having a great time. However, towards the end of the trip, we could all sense that my father was beginning to feel a little stressed out about having to spend any more money. Waiting in long lines for roller coaster rides in 90 degree heat with a wife and three kids doesn't always have the makings of a 'good time' when you're at the end of a long trip!

There is good proof that those who take even mini vacations (I.e. weekend getaways) make for happier employees, which in turn leads to more productive employees. Could you imagine what sort of mental state we would be in if we had to work non stop day in and day out with no break in sight? It would be horrible, no doubt. Mental breaks in the form of vacationing is always a good idea.

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