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Bob flew to Dallas on a business trip last week. His flew to Denver. Somewhere between check-in and takeoff, Bob's bags made a wrong turn and ended upon on another flight. He didn't see them again for two days! Though most of the time airlines manage to get the right luggage on the right flight, around one-half of one percent of the more than two billion bags checked each year are lost or delayed. Here's how you can make sure your luggage doesn't take an unscheduled trip.

Planning and packing are over. You anticipate embarking on your first cruise. Is this exhilarating - or intimidating? What exactly can you expect?

Well, it's that time of year again that most of us either love or dread (or a little of both).

The Holiday season is upon us and although you may be more likely to pack on some pounds during this time of cold weather and bountiful food, with a little planning that does not have to be the case.

Below you will find some tips to assist you in making this coming holiday season productive in sticking with your fitness and fat-loss goals.

1. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

I love and look forward to the holiday season as much as the next person, but I'll be first to admit that as much as this is true, I simultaneously feel a great sense of anxiety when the festive season approaches. I look forward to quality time with family and friends but money is stressful every other month of the year and it's intensified during the holidays.

SABAH is Malaysia's premier nature adventure destination situated in the northern tip of Borneo Island, the third largest island in the world. Sabah is popular for its wildlife conservation attractions, rain forest, surrounding nature and islands, beach resorts, tropical white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and its warm and friendly people. If you are thinking of visiting Borneo, these places of interest and activities will whet your appetite!

Mount Kinabalu