Don't Blame Others

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We all make mistakes, off and on, but think how many of us accept our mistakes sincerely, say sorry and work out to minimise the bad effects of our mistakes. I must say that only morally brave and ethically strong people admit their mistakes otherwise most people are in the habit of putting the blame on other peoples’ shoulders. They make other people responsible for their own faults. They do not apologise rather say “that was not my mistake”. Do you think this type of behaviour is helpful? Certainly not!

Putting the burden of your mistakes on others is also not the solution of any problem rather it complicates the problem and takes you miles away from finding a reasonable solution. If you keep on blaming others, you will get nothing except losing your friends and well-wishers.

By accepting your mistake you give yourself a chance to learn from your mistake by viewing the problem from a different perspective and find some better solution. In this way, you empower yourself to come out of the ugly situation successfully. On the other hand, by blaming others you unconsciously make them more powerful than you. It means that others can influence your life and you give them the opportunity to do so.

Accept your mistakes wholeheartedly and don’t blame others. Some people keep on blaming their parents, teachers, co-workers, boss, fate, bad luck or even God for their mistakes. A person who accepts his mistake, say sorry and promise not to repeat the same mistake again is morally strong and a brave person. Making a mistake is humane and must be forgiven but repeating the same mistake is fatal and can result in serious consequences.

I must admit that I made a lot of mistakes in my life. I was deceived by the people whom I trust most. I made some bad investments and had to suffer huge financial losses but I accepted my mistakes and made it a point that it’s a way of learning though paying a heavy price.

If you are facing problems in your personal or professional life then you must review the situation honestly. Blaming others is easy but it is not the solution of the problem. Empower yourself by accepting the reality. You can reverse the situation by admitting your mistakes and starting a new phase of your life.

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