How To Transform Conversation Fear Into Courage

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Have you ever found yourself in a social setting feeling awkward, stuck for words and unsure of what to say and how to say it?

Maybe you were at a large family gathering or at a wedding or birthday party. Regardless of the context you know the uncomfortable feelings that can stop you from speaking up and enjoying yourself.

What can you do to beat conversation fear?

1. Be Yourself

Take it easy and don´t put yourself under undue pressure to be the life and soul of the party.

Be yourself.

And if that isn´t good enough for some people then be selective and mix with people more to your liking. It is
your choice who YOU mix with so don´t be passive and leave it to others to decide if they want to talk to you. You get to choose!

2. Respect Conversational Give And Take

People tend to gravitate to people who are good listeners so don´t feel that you have to talk until you are blue in the face.

It is perfectly acceptable to be quiet, to listen and to encourage others to talk. Good conversation is about give
and take so develop both of these aspects of conversation skills.

Start to get a feel for the dance of conversation and the ebb and flow of how people interact and let the
conversation take on a life of its own. You are only one of the players - give and take, talk and listen, lead and

3. Deal With Fear

We all have to deal with fear to improve the quality of our lives and our social interactions. The secret is to
transform fear into courage by taking charge of our emotional states.

Thankfully, this is a skill anyone can learn and the implications for your life are huge. Imagine, how you will
feel when you can approach even perfect strangers with an air of confident self assurance. How good will that feel?

And imagine how good it will be to assert yourself with friends and family and still be friendly, caring and

Some suggestions for issues to deal with:

1. The coworker who intimidates you
2. The neighbor you avoid but want to talk to
3. A friend who invades your space
4. A family member you don´t stand up to

All of these fear based people problems stack up and affect the quality of your life. Master these situations one at a time and you will feel like a new person. You will feel in charge of your life, respected, appreciated and more energetic.

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