Today Is The Action Day

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Today is the only day which I call the “Action Day”. Yesterday is dead because it will never come again. Tomorrow is out of our reach. You can dream and plan for tomorrow and all the coming days, weeks, months and years, but any action, good or bad, positive or negative which you have to take is today. Today is the best day of your life to decide about your future destiny.

Today, you are free to do whatever you want to do. No one is stopping you to do anything that is in your best interest. If there is any hurdle in your way that is due to your own negative thinking, laziness or inaction.

Today is today, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, rainy or dusty. Today is life and whatever you will do today will have far reaching effects on your future life.

Take one positive step today. Do something creative. Start a new hobby. Join gym. Take language classes. Learn a new skill. Telephone some friend. Read a book. Write something.

Today you have plenty of time. Use it or misuse it in any manner you like.

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