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Three Goal Setting Tips That Will Change Your Life


If you use these three goal setting tips you will be on your way to creating the life you desire.

Goal Setting Tip #1: Where are you going?

This goal setting tip can be summed up with the title of a book my father bought me on goal setting quite a few years ago. The title of the book was "If you don't know where you're going you'll probably end up somewhere else". Those words have stuck with me all these years.

Achieve Your Goals This 2007


Everybody wants to achieve something yet the number of people who are actually and completely clear about their goals is disappointingly small. Most of us are caught in some kind of imitation behavior where our goals are merely 1 fraction above what the neighbors have achieved. This is not the right approach. If you weigh 200 pounds and read an advertisement that can help you shed half of that in a month then you are being gullible. A goal needs realistic milestones that are laid down in sequence and achieved consecutively.

Achieve Your Goals – Tips From A Life Coach

Goals – we have a love-hate relationship with goals. We love them because they are such a great idea and are a superb way to motivate us to achieve and then to evaluate our progress; but we hate them, because for much of the time, they go unattained and simply frustrate us. This isn’t what goals should do!

Having been a Life Coach for many years now I would like to suggest some straightforward and practical techniques on how you can set goals you can achieve! After all, what good is a goal if it isn’t something you can achieve?

• Life Coaching tip no 1 - You have to want it!

Understanding Your Stress Levels

In order to understand stress better, it is a good idea to understand that there are different stress levels. These levels vary in the form of stress they take and they can often provide an indication of how to treat the stress. Furthermore, there are tests available that can help people understand their own, particular brand of stress and, with this knowledge, they can also understand themselves better. Then, with this information, a complete stress management method can be constructed.

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