5 Reasons to Travel to Nosara Costa Rica

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Nosara is a stunning, pristine town along the Pacific Coast of the Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. Every visitor to the area will be suitably impressed, and occupied with the magnitude of adventurous offerings in beautiful Nosara.

Impressively Nosara, holds a 'Blue Flag' which is an award given only after passing, 32 strict criteria, of environmental and safety standards. Visitors can rest assured that Nosara is an environmentally friendly, responsible, and safe beach.

- The Surf: Nosara is famous for its surf beaches. Playa Guiones, is the main surf spot, with a long sandy bottom beach that is great for all levels of surfers. Beginners can catch their first waves close to shore. There are many school surfs in Playa Guiones, offering board rental, professional lessons and expert advice. Intermediate and advanced surfers can catch the bigger early morning and late afternoon waves. Playa Guiones is also the only beach that offers video coaching from certified surf coaches to refine the skills of competitive surfers.

- The Yoga: Yoga retreats were first offered by the Nosara Yoga Institute is 1994, since then the yoga industry has grown and there are many retreats and classes catering to every student's desire. Yoga in Nosara ranges from public yoga classes to refresh and rejuvenate tourists, and to the highest level, for qualified teacher training to master the art of yoga. Students will take classes from passionate and professional instructors, in tranquil and natural settings, to fully become attuned with nature and your body.

- The Ostional Wildlife Refuge: The gorgeous olive ridley turtles make their nests in Nosara, and the Ostional Wildlife Refuge provides a protected and safe area for the turtles to nest. The nesting season for the olive-ridleys is a truly magical experience, the olive-ridleys are specially known for nesting in masses, with sometime hundreds of thousands of females converging onto the beach to lay eggs together.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is an important nesting site and provides a safe haven for the olive-ridleys, that are considered being in vulnerable numbers. Nesting is year round though the peak period is during the rainy season, from August to December. Visitors to the refuge can see the females laying the eggs at night, and can witness the hatching of baby turtles, and their fight to survive the treacherous journey to the water. A truly memorable and awe inspiring experience.

- The Wildlife: Besides olive-ridley turtles, Nosara features a bounty of native Costa Rican wildlife to discover. The best way to witness the splendor of flora and fauna is a river safari on the Rio Nosara. The tour boasts sightings of a variety of colorful birds, exotic birds, and lush tropical plant life.

- The Miss Sky Canopy Zip Line: Nosara is home to an 8 point, two hour long zip line. The zip line has big claims, its claims to be the longest zip line in the world, the longest run over 750m long. It also claims to be the most original, located in a 2500 acre national park reserve and offering unforgettable views of the parkland. Lastly it claim to be the safest, with double wired zip lines which give a smooth hands free glide over the jungle canopy.

Find out for yourself and spend the day crisscrossing through the forest canopy marveling at monkeys in the trees, fly over the Rio Nosara watching boats ply the river, and finally sail into downtown Nosara getting a bird's eye view of the city lights. The zip line ends in a disco bar, so you can celebrate your exhilarating adventure with a round of beer.

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