Popular Summer Vacation Spots

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In a few months summer will be rolling by again, and it will almost be time to start planning that summer vacation again. In this article we will talk about some of the more popular summer vacationing spots for your vacation.

One of the most popular spots to go for your summer vacation would be London. People love going to London because of the warm weather, and the many tourist sites that are available when you are a tourist touring the city. Some of the tourist spots that is located in London such as the Tower of London, the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, ride the Double Decker bus, the Westminster Abbey, and the Windsor Palace.

The second most popular spot to go on summer vacation would be Rome. Rome is full of tourist attractions like the Roman Coliseum, the pantheon, the basilicas, the Trevi fountain, roman squares, old historical parts of Rome, and the Rome museums. If you are looking for a vacation that isn’t necessarily a romantic vacation but more of a family vacation then these are the spots for you.

Paris would be the next popular summer vacation because of its romantic old feeling that the city gives off. You can glance upon the Eiffel Tower from your hotel room, take a nice stroll in the park, and even go get a baguette and a coffee from the café. You can go see the different museums that Paris has to offer.

The third most popular summer vacation would have to be Cancun. From it’s nice sandy beaches, to snorkeling off the Cancun shore. You can see a variety of different fish, to walking through the cities Cancun is one of the ultimate places to go on Summer Vacation.

The fourth most popular place to go to summer vacation would be to Punta Cana. In Punta Cana you can go snorkeling off the sandy beaches, to enjoying the tropical paradise that you have before you. You may also go and tour some of the caves that are located near the ocean that the ocean itself has carved out for your
viewing pleasure. Enjoy a warm and sunny vacation.

The next most popular summer destination has to be Puerto Vallarta. At Puerto Vallarta you may go on scuba diving adventures, go hiking around different places on the island, or biking if you would like. You may also go horse back trekking around certain parts of the island, whale watching, or even go four wheeling.

The fifth most popular summer destination definitely has to be Florence. In Florence Italy there will be places that you can hike up to the top of a hill and see all around Florence Italy. It is a wonderful place to take scenic pictures from. You can go roam around the city, and even buy and trade goods at the local
stands. Florence is a beautiful vacationing spot.

No vacation is complete once you have picked out the spot that you want to go vacationing in. The best vacationing spot in the world can be ruined for you if you don’t plan out your trip. You have to make sure you have things to do, what the weather is going to be like. You don’t want to be caught up in a hurricane.
You also must pack for every kind of situation that you can come across.

Now that you know a little bit more about some of the more popular vacationing spots for your summer vacation you can do extra research on the side to decide which one you would like to go visit for your summer vacation.

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